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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

how increase traffic site to 14,657 monthly unique visits

I've been reading these forums more than writing so I thought to add some of the lessons I've learned in building traffic. My site is a daily game production site where I want what I've learned about making games, marketing, being entrepreneur, and so on. This post is over 1200 words long, so hopefully there's something useful for you in it

I think one of the key things that contributed to traffic growth was setting a goal. I remember looking at my site traffic in the first days and I saw only handful of people visiting the site. I looked at the number 37 and I said silently to myself that "this is not good enough, I want the traffic to be massive". Back then, 10000 monthly visitors seemed like utopia to me. I thought it would be impossible to get 10000 different people to visit my site. I mean... there's like billions of websites out there, why they would want to go to my site? I decided to forget the "why" part for now, and just keep my goal "10000 visitors per month". I think that's the first lesson. Where ever you want to go, you cannot get there if you don't know where you want to get. Don't think so much "if you can get there" or "how can I get there". Just decide WHERE you want to go for now, you can figure out later the rest.

Some months after the initial launch I got puzzled was the way to count traffic. I tried different system and all stats software game me different results. I decided to stick with Google Analytics since it gave smallest numbers compared to AwStat or others. I wanted to be sure that my goal would be met no matter how you calculate visits, and since Analytics is a fine system I decided to stick with it.

I read sites like and one major hint was mentioned in many places: update your site daily. It sounded something I could do (since I like to write) and I thought that word "daily" would make me different compared to other sites: those gaming sites that were updated only few times per week or month. Some people recommend updating your site several times per day but I thought to keep it 1 post per day. So far it seems good for me. I really think that if you don't enjoy writing, then there's no point trying to update your site daily. You have to enjoy it, or people will see it. Nevertheless, I think that keeping site fresh - by updating it daily - was major contributor for getting traffic.

Focus on quality (unique) content and providing value. This is important. If you have nothing to say, say nothing. Make sure that your content is somehow useful to others. My best interest is in practical tips & hints, so I focused on giving those. They might have been small hints like "use forum signatures" but not everybody is a professional, and you have to learn these lessons somewhere. I decided that I would focus on writing practical hints & tips for game producers (and since game producers need to know marketing, it was natural to write about it). The majority of my articles are totally unique written based on my own experience. Naturally I have news items and quotes from other blogs, but even then I try to give my personal touch when telling about them. For example: one guy (on other website, not mine) wrote an article where he listed "10 things about something". I told about this article in my site, but instead of quoting directly I gave link to the article, wrote the sub-headlines and commented how I felt about these lessons. Like for example, let's suppose he had said: "Lesson #3: Company X sucks because bla bla blah" then I would have written "Lesson #3: According to him Company X sucks, and I agree that Company X made a mistake in this case but I still they have good products N and M". This way I could provide unique content and tell my own thoughts rather than just quoting directly that "one guy made INTERESTING post, read here:". Providing value and unique content helps.

Sales statistics: look whatever profession there is and you can rest assured that people will want to know "how much they make money". If you look at blogging, some people will ask "how much can you make with blogging". If you look at celebrities or professional sports athletics - somebody is asking "how much are they making". People want to see how much different jobs can pay. I knew this since I had asked the same question myself years ago. I decided to start putting sales stats of different games in my site and this worked well for all parties: those who gave sales stats got visitors (and some even purchased those games, so they earned some money), my site got traffic since people like to read those sales stats and lastly the readers got what they wanted: answer to question "how much money games can make". Whatever site you have (whether it's about blogging, writing, selling shoes) there will always be people who will want to know how much somebody can make in blogging/writing/selling shoes or whatever your site is about. I know that developers talk about my site and direct other people (via word-of-mouth and otherwise) to check those stats.

Interviews: this is another good way to get traffic. I have made some interviews with major companies in the gaming business (and I'm adding more). While this takes longer than "normal articles" these have been one key reasons that cause other sites to link to my site. Major websites are interested to hear interviews. Let's suppose your website is about marketing. Can you get some marketing experts to give you an interview? I'm sure there's always somebody willing to give you an interview if you briefly explain what your site is, how many visitor it gets, and how the interview would benefit the other party. You might even give some incentive (like monthly link, banner ad or money to get somebody to talk). I never given links, ad slots or money to interview people since I know that there's people who will be glad to get interviewed. While some people have rejected my offers, I have got interviewed by some major characters in the gaming business. After you've got one major guy to be interviewed, it gets easier to get new interviews (since you can then mention "I've interviewed CEO of company X and the link to his interview is " - this is almost like a testimonial for some companies).

Promoting my site using news submission, forum posting and via press releases. Writing quality content no good if nobody knows about it. I submitted some featured articles (like interviews, new sales stats and some other) to major game sites and got lots of traffic from them. I also posted to several gaming forums. I also made some press releases. All these actions helped a lot in building traffic, and all of these are free to do. They just require some time, but are priceless when it comes to building traffic.

Then some other tips & tricks that might have had impact. I think you shouldn't fill your site with ads because I think that might be a barrier for some people from visiting your site, or telling about your site. Some people are "selfish" and think that "because you have so many ads, I won't tell others about your site". I think ads are okay, but I also think that you shouldn't clutter your site with them. Other factor that might have helped is the fact that I founded a company. While owning a company is basically just having your name on some paper, many people regard "company owners" differently than "some dude's" blogging.

Bottom line
In summary I could say that providing value along with setting a goal is the key factor to success. Unique content like sales stats and your own articles, interviews, promotion (news, forums, press releases etc.) will go a long way.

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Tulisan ini adalah pengalaman saya membangung traffik untuk situs
Menurut saya faktor utama yang mempengaruhi perkembangan traffik situs kita adalah mematok sebuah target. Pada saat awalnya situs ini hanya dikunjungi oleh segelintir orang (sekitar 37 unik IP dalam sebulan) dan pada saat itu saya berfikir bahwa "jumlah ini tidaklah cukup, saya ingin traffik pengunjung yang mengalir deras".

Saat itu, mendapatkan 10.000 pengunjung dalam sebulan bisa dikatakan hanya sebuah mimpi, karena saya pikir tidak mungkin ada 10.000 orang yang mau mengunjungi situs ini dalam waktu sebulan. Saya mencoba realistis dalam hal ini, karena di saat yang sama ada ribuan bahkan jutaan situs sedang online dan sama-sama mencari pengunjung. Tapi akhirnya saya tetapkan target harus ada 10.000 orang yang mengunjungi situs saya dalam sebulan.

Saya banyak membaca tulisan di dan satu prinsip utama yang saya tangkap dari sana adalah update situsmu setiap hari. Prinsip ini bisa membantu tercapainya target saya dan bagi saya bukan masalah yang besar karena saya suka menulis. Menurut saya kata "setiap hari" ini bisa dilihat secara relatif terhadap situs-situs lain yang sejenis. Ada yang merekomendasikan update beberapa kali dalam sehari, tapi saya memilih membuat 1 posting per hari secara rutin. Jika anda tidak bisa menikmati proses update rutin ini, bisa jadi dunia ini bukan untuk anda. Karena menjaga situs anda "tetap segar" adalah faktor utama untuk mendapatkan pengunjung.

Pusatkan perhatian untuk menbuat tulisan yang berkualitas (unik) dan memberikan manfaat. Hal ini sangat penting dilakukan dan pastikan bahwa tulisan anda bisa memberikan manfaat bagi pengunjung anda. Saya sangat tertarik dengan topik tips, sehingga saya memusatkan perhatian untuk menulis tentang tips ini. Bahkan untuk tips yang menurut saya sepele, seperti "cara memanfaatkan signature di forum" bisa jadi info bermanfaat bagi orang yang baru berkenalan dengan dunia forum online. Sebagian besar tulisan di adalah unik karena semua itu didasarkan pengalaman pribadi.

Tentu saja saya juga mengutip berita dan tulisan dari situs / blog lain, tapi saya selalu berusaha untuk menambahkan sentuhan pribadi di setiap kutipan ini. Sebagai contoh:
Jika ada tulisan di suatu blog tentang "10 hal menarik tentang sesuatu", saya akan mencantumkan link ke tulisan tadi dan menuliskan perasaan atau komentar saya terhadap tulisan tersebut.

Anggap saja tulisan aslinya berjudul: "Lesson #3: Company X sucks because bla bla blah", saya akan menulis "Lesson #3: According to him Company X sucks, and I agree that Company X made a mistake in this case but I still believe they have good products N and M". Dengan cara ini saya bisa mendapatkan tulisan yang unik dan tetap berusaha memberikan tambahan informasi bagi pengunjung situs saya.

Mencantumkan Statistik Penjualan: Sudah lazim dijumpai di berbagai profesi, orang akhirnya sampai pada pertanyaan "berapa banyak uang yang dihasilkan". Hal ini memancing rasa ingin tahu yang besar. Saya memutuskan untuk mencantumkan statistik penjualan dari beberapa produk games di situs saya dan terbukti berhasil dengan baik. Produsen yang menginformasikan statistik penjualannya bisa mendapat kunjungan lebih banyak. Di saat yang sama, situs saya juga menarik pengunjung karena bisa memberikan informasi tentang "seberapa besar sebuah software games bisa menghasilkan uang"

Prinsip ini bisa diterapkan di situs manapun dan dengan topik apapun, karena orang selalu ingin tahu seberapa berhasil suatu situs dalam mengeruk penghasilan. Jadi menginformasikan keberhasilan situs lain di Blog atau situs anda bisa menjadi daya tarik bagi orang untuk mengunjungi situs anda.

Menulis Interview. Ini adalah cara ampuh mendapatkan traffik. Saya melakukan beberapa interview dengan pengembang software games terkemuka. Meskipun model interview seperti ini membutuhkan proses yang panjang, namun artikel yang dihasilkan bisa jadi sangat tinggi nilai informasinya sehingga akan mudah dikutip oleh banyak situs sejenis.
Saya yakin banyak orang yang mau memberikan kesempatan interview pada anda, jika anda memberikan informasi singkat tentang situs anda, berapa banyak pengunjungnya, serta penjelasan tentang manfaat yang bisa didapat oleh orang lain yang membaca hasil interview nantinya.

Jika anda telah berhasil mendapatkan satu sesi interview dengan tokoh kunci suatu perusahaan, anda akan lebih mudah mendapatkan sesi interview dengan perusahaan lain dengan mengatakan "saya pernah menginterview CEO perusahaan X dan hasil interviewnya bisa dilihat di link ini... bla bla bla dst."

Melakukan promosi . Saya melakukan promosi dengan cara submit artikel, hasil interview dan mempublikasikan statistik penjualan terbaru di beberapa situs games terkemuka dan hal ini terbukti mendatangkan traffik yang luar biasa. Saya juga menulis posting di beberapa forum games. Semua ini memang membutuhkan waktu, namun hasilnya akan sangat luar biasa untuk mendatangkan traffik.

Hal penting yang juga berpengaruh dalam mendatangkan traffik adalah jangan penuhi situs anda dengan iklan. Bisa jadi ada banyak orang yang muak dengan iklan di internet, mereka hanya ingin isi situs yang berkualitas. Orang-orang seperti ini pasti tidak akan merekomendasikan situs anda jika situs anda hanya penuh berisi iklan.

Faktor lain yang mungkin juga berpengaruh adalah saya memiliki identitas perusahaan di situs saya. Dengan mendirikan perusahaan banyak orang yang lebih respek pada situs saya dibandingkan dengan situs yang ditulis oleh anonymous blogger.

Menurut pengalaman saya, selalu menyajikan nilai tambah dan target yang ditentukan jelas adalah kunci penting kesuksesan situs anda. Konten yang unik dan informatif seperti statistik penjualan sebuah produk, artikel tentang pengalaman pribadi, hasil interview tokoh kunci di bidang anda, disertai dengan promosi di tempat yang tepat akan membawa situs anda mencapai target yang diinginkan.



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